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NHL players will not be able to participate in Winter Olympics

Affected by the epidemic, NHL players will not be able to participate in the Winter Olympics. The occupation occupation of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NHL) official announced in the United States 22 local time, because the new crowns pneumonia cases and the number of games postponed, the occupation season of North […]

Fenway sports group acquires NHL penguins jerseys

Fenway sports group bought the NHL penguins jerseys for $875 million and set its sights on the NBA team. On November 29, according to Pierre Lebrun, the athletic reporter, Fenway sports group has agreed to buy the controlling stake of NHL Pittsburgh Penguins, and the transaction price is close to […]

The century-old NHL finally opens jerseys sponsorship

NHL known as “blue blood aristocracy”, also put the advertising logo on its most cherished cultural carrier – Jersey. In August this year, 32 team owners unanimously voted to approve the proposal of shirt sponsorship. Starting from the 2022-23 season, each team will be allowed to have a shirt sponsor […]

The evolutionary history of ice hockey simulation game EA “NHL” series

Ice hockey simulation game EA NHL series 1991-2022 Fighting Evolution History EA’s NHL series has a history of 30 years since its first work NHL hockey in 1991. The new series “NHL 22” will be built with frost engine and log on ps5 platform. Recently, some players shared the “fight […]

ESPN rebroadcast NHL after 17 years

The value of the global sports market will exceed 600 billion. After two consecutive shrinking seasons, the NBA finally ushered in the 2021-2022 season of returning to 82 regular seasons. At the milestone of the 75th anniversary, the NBA has obviously added more weight in developing commercial value. Compared with […]